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Diverse Destination

Few other places on earth boast as quite as much environmental and cultural diversity as Ecuador. Here, you’ll find 17 distinct indigenous cultures as well as dozens of incredible ecosystems—indeed the Andes, Amazon, Galapagos and coastal regions of Ecuador are worlds unto themselves. Our tours—many of which go off the beaten path in search of little-known treasures—enable you to explore myriad regions while enjoying adventurous multisport activities and also allow you to experience the best of this small country in just a few days.

Galapagos Wildlife

Follow in Darwin’s footsteps as you get up close and personal with the fascinating wildlife of these incredible islands. Here, you can search for iguanas, sea lions, giant tortoises, boobies, rays, and myriad tropical fish as you kayak, mountain bike, trek, or snorkel—though it’s possible to explore the islands in a more leisurely way, too. Learn about the area’s natural history and evolution from top adventure and naturalist guides. Our tours are socially and environmentally responsible, and your travel investment supports Galápagos communities.

Colorful Culture

From large colonial cities to isolated Amazonian tribes, Ecuador abounds with culture. Our private touring service offer journeys that explore Ecuadorian heritage as well as the history, culture, and traditions of multiple ethnic groups. Tours by steam train, culinary feasts, and visits to indigenous markets and historic haciendas will help you better understand the country’s diverse populace and also make for an inspiring and memorable vacation.

Ecuador – A Biodiversity Hotspot

Home to the Galápagos Islands, coastal beaches, raging rivers, Amazonian rainforests, and the Andes Mountains, Ecuador offers myriad opportunities for adventure-travel and ecotourism enthusiasts. Located on the equator, on South America’s Pacific coast, the country’s unique geography makes it one of the world’s most biodiverse nations. Its relatively small size means that it’s easy to explore in a short period of time. Quito is the capital city and the Inca Empire’s ancient seat of government; it is also home to two million of the country’s 14 million people.

Neotropic Expeditions

NeotropicSince 1991, Neotropic Expeditions has developed and delivered high-quality adventure, nature, and cultural tours in one of the world’s hotspots of biodiversity. We offer a full collection of experiences that explore practically every corner of the Andes, Amazon, Galápagos, and coast.
We strive to provide only distinctive adventure travel experiences, unmatched by creativity, safety, sustainability, professionalism, and attention to detail. Every journey we offer delivers an ideal blend of Ecuador’s most astonishing landscapes, wildlife, indigenous cultures, and adventures.

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