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Baja California

Baja California contains a wide range of natural beauty, a rich diversity of wildlife and varied histories. From the migration of the gray whales and the giant sea turtles, to the sea lion colonies and hidden underwater civilizations, Baja California is home to unique wildlife that is effortlessly accessible. The rich colonial history of Baja contains some of México’s first Spanish missions. Pre-Columbian civilizations offer remnants of cave paintings that provide a unique glimpse into more recent times and the ancient pasts of Baja California.


Nestled in the mountains of Southwest México, Oaxaca’s rocky landscape and crystalline skies create vistas and landscapes that are found nowhere else in the world. The unique blend of tropical forests and temperate zones allows for perhaps the most biologically diverse state in México. With its extensive and expansive indigenous populations, Oaxaca offers rich cultural experiences and an opportunity to find unique handicrafts and woven crafts, as well as enriching visits to local ruins and historic churches. As a world-class producer of coffees, fincas throughout Oaxaca’s hillsides generate some of the finest beans in Latin America.

Copper Canyon

The largest canyon in North America, Copper Canyon is nearly four times the volume of the Grand Canyon found in the USA, covering a range of what some claim to be up to 10,000 square miles. Copper Canyon hiking trips can vary in levels of difficulty and other activities offered in Copper Canyon include mountain biking and relaxing ‘float trips’ down the Rio El Fuerte. Wildlife viewing may include colorful parrots, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, foxes, eagles, and various domesticated animals.

Mexico – An Incredible Place

About four times the size of its Spanish Conquerors’ homeland, Mexico has thousands of miles of Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean coastline. Snow-capped volcanoes and mountain ranges, vast deserts, immense canyons, jungles and tropical forests are only a few of Mexico’s diverse geographic features and ecosystems. Complimenting these natural wonders are fascinating pre-Columbian ruins, world-renowned cuisine and music, as well as warm and passionate people that bring smiles to even the most…

Journey Mexico – Unparalleled Adventure

@@PATNERNAME@@ - LogoBaja; Mountain Biking, Hiking, & Surfing in Oaxaca, Chiapas & Jalisco; & SCUBA, Snorkeling, & Kayaking Mexico’s Caribbean are only a few of the unique & exciting adventures in Mexico. Journey Mexico invites you to actively explore Mexico’s awe-inspiring natural beauty & rich cultural heritage in the company of our warm, friendly people. Guide-owned & operated, we have over 30 years of combined experience on the ground.

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