10 Great Destinations in Latin America

Published on February 14, 2015 under Atlas News
10 Great Destinations in Latin America

Are you looking for a family getaway where you can enjoy and relax? If you want to have an extreme adventure or just have a quality time with your family here are some of the best places that you must not miss! The following are some of the great destinations in Latin America that are perfect for your travel vacation needs:

  1. Argentina

Salta, Argentina

If you want to be close to nature or want to and see and experience breathtaking views and sceneries, then add Argentina to your travel checklist. Witness the beauty of ‘Perito Moreno Glacier’ which is perfect for hiking and camping adventure. There are also other stunning sceneries in Argentina like the spectacular ‘Torres Del Paine’, ‘El Chalten’, ‘Roballos Pass’ and ‘Exploradores Valley’. You can also enjoy watching and walking among penguins at ‘Punta Tombo’. Never miss their sexy tango in Buenos Aires where you can dance along in their sexy beat.

  1. Brazil

Scuba in Brazil

If you want to have a trekking or extreme adventure with your family or friends, Brazil is the best place for you. Brazil has many historical sites, waterfalls, and caves perfect for your trekking activity. Experience Brazil’s most famous ‘Novo River’ where you can try water rafting expedition and or explores several islands and bay by riding in sea kayaks from São Paolo coast to Rio.

  1. Chile


Chile has many stunning mountain ranges, vast plains and smoky volcanoes in their region called Patagonia. You’ll also find great trekking adventure in this place. Patagonia has preserved its rich wildlife where animals like condors, flamingo, guanacos, pumas and foxes can be seen. Aside from their beautiful landscapes and incredible wildlife, Chile is also known for its famous Rapa Nui where hundreds of carved moai (stone figures) can be found.

  1. Ecuador

Ecuador Adventure - Isabela Island

Ecuador is both rich in cultural and environmental diversity. One of the well-known islands in Ecuador is the Galápagos Island where abundant marine and animal biodiversity can be found. It also has various rainforest like Amazonian, coastal beaches and raging rivers. Aside from diverse wildlife, Ecuador also maintains its great cultural traditions and heritages with their culinary feast and historic haciendas.

  1. Guatemala

Viaventure Guatemala!

If you are seeking for a thrill, Guatemala will surely give what you want. This country has many remote highlands, high volcanic chains, valleys, lush jungles and much beautiful landscape which offers plenty of adventure-opportunity. It also has a great archeological site like the famous Tikal temples and many more remote ruins like Uaxactύn, Ceibal and El Mirador which are mostly remote ruins and found in Guatemalan jungle.

  1. Colombia

Colombia Adventure - Cartagena

For a complete sightseeing experience, Colombia will not disappoint your expectation. Some of the places where you can explore include gorgeous Caribbean beaches, Andean Highlands, different colonial cities and even cloud forests and rainforests. Its rich history can be reflected through its traditions, ancient trails and colonial towns.

  1. Mexico


Natural beauty, rich and beautiful cultural heritages and friendly people are what make Mexico one of the most visited places in Latin America. Discover their history by visiting their famous Mayan ruins found in Chichen Itza and discover the ancient Maya civilization. Few of this country’s geographic include tropical forests, mountain ranges, vast desserts and immense canyon.

  1. Costa Rica

Sea kayaking on the canals Costa Rica

You can have a wide variety of exciting activities in Costa Rica. You can have a whitewater rafting, crayoning, sea kayaking, and mountain biking, surfing and more because this country is rich in spectacular rivers, white sand beaches, hot springs, and wide array of landscapes. Costa Rica also has polite, kind and friendly people which make the country a not-to-miss destination.

  1. Uruguay

Uruguay slide1Uruguay is a unique place for nature lovers and wildlife exploration. This small but peaceful country has enormous and amazing places where you can find native forests, palm grooves, sandy beaches, rivers, wetlands, savannahs, and coastal lagoons perfect for a very relaxing mood. Various diversity of wildlife and different unique species reflects how balanced the ecosystem was.

  1. Venezuela

venezuela-banners-ATLAS-006Be amazed by the highest waterfall (Angel Falls) in the world found only in Gran Sabana. Discover the b-breathe taking Andes Mountains which is very famous for hikers. Swim, snorkel and dive to the clear and crystal-like water of the Venezuela’s white sand beaches. You will surely enjoy every bit of your vacation in this incredible country.

So if you want to have a memorable vacation with someone special or with your family, go come and visit these great destinations in Latin America. Contact us at Atlas and we can help you plan your next adventure vacation in Latin America.

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