17 Apps Every Business Traveler Should Have – (Part 2)

Published on October 21, 2014 under Industry News
17 Apps Every Business Traveler Should Have – (Part 2)

Use this app to navigate subway systems. Enter your origin stop and destination, and the app will tell you the shortest ride and how long it will take, depending on the day of the week and time of day. Download the cities needed for your trip in advance when you have an Internet connection, and then the app will work offline when you’re underground

Runs on: Blackberry


XE Currency

This app converts foreign prices into U.S. dollars (or whatever your home currency is. No Internet connection is needed, as long as you’ve added your destination’s currency to the app’s “Currency List” before your trip.

Runs on: Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone.


xe currency


This new iPad app is a great time-saver for business people in sales and marketing. The app lets you cut and paste text and images into great templates that include a lot of interactive features as well as music and video.
Most importantly, you can do most of it offline (on a plane or even in the taxi on the way to your meeting) and play your presentations without a connection.

Runs on: iPad

Here is a video about it:

 Award Wallet

AwardWallet keeps track of your reward programs such as your frequent flyer miles, hotel and credit card points. The app will notify you when your balances change and before your points expire.

Runs on: iPhone, Android


Find eat drink

Get insider recommendations from the professionals: chefs, bartenders, sommeliers and food purveyors. There are over 5,000 destinations in more than 200 cities and towns and recommendations from 700 pros, with new ones added on a constant basis.

Runs on : iPhone

find eat drink


You will be able to take a picture of your receipts and to log your mileages. Keepek scans the receipts and reads out all the data in them. With Keepek you will can create and submit beautiful and useful expense reports in few clicks. Each report had the pictures of the receipts attached.

Runs on: iPhone, Android


Cam Card

When you go to a conference, you can usually get many business cards, and, eventually add their details to your contacts. You can use CamCard to snap a picture, and have its text quickly transcribed and entered into your contacts.
You will be able to add notes, set reminders, tag and share cards.
All your business cards are stored in the cloud and synchronized across smartphones, tablets and the web app in real-time. Exchanging e-cards with people nearby at meetings, tradeshow or seminars is a breeze.
CamCard is offered as a free “Lite” download, limited to saving 10 cards your first week, then 2 cards per week after that. Upgraded versions for iOS and Android offer unlimited cards and additional languages.

Runs on: iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablet, Blackberry, Windows 8, Windows Phone



What do you think about the list? Do you use any of these apps? Do you have any app you would like to recommend?

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