A great tour of Costa Rica: Coast to Coast

Published on May 26, 2015 under Costa Rica
A great tour of Costa Rica: Coast to Coast

The Costa Rica Coast to Coast Tour has been a favorite since it began in 1996. This tour is a 234 kilometer, purely human powered tour is one that is not for the faint of heart. This is a tour that is for the adrenaline junkies, the ones that thrive on challenge, adventure, and new experiences. Begin your new adventure today by booking a Costa Rica Coast to Coast Tour today.

The Costa Rica Coast to Coast Tour is a multi-active tour that spans from the Pacific to the Caribbean coasts while using only one’s body. There are many activities to enjoy, from mountain biking to whitewater rafting and sea rafting.

Of course, rest is an essential part of any trip, so enjoy your down time in a different place every day. Since you will have travelled through many different villages, coffee and sugar plantations, and local communities, you will wake up in a new place every day.

Costa Rica has a wide variety of fascinating wildlife including birds, insects, and other animals and creatures. See first-hand the wildlife that habitat the rivers, beaches, and rainforests.

Here are some highlights of the many adventures that await at the Costa Rica Coast to Coast Tour:

  • Beautiful beaches of Manual Antonio;
  • Mountain bike adventures, on and off-road;
  • The coffee-plentiful valley of Orosi;
  • Adventurous whitewater rafting down Pacuare River;
  • The beautiful beach of Cahuita;
  • A variety of cabins, hotels, and camping; and
  • An available overnight stay in a rainforest tent camp-El Nido del Tigre

During your trip, you will enjoy the following accommodations included in the price of the trip. Enjoy your stay in a cabin, hotel, or a tent, for a more rustic feel; airport transfers, meals, group equipment including, rafts, bikes, camping gear, and more; and experienced, bilingual tour guides to assist during your trip.

Your trip includes 12 days of intense, memorable activities that challenge your mind, body, and spirit. Choose your dates from July 11 through July 22, September 5 through 16, November 21 through December 2, or December 20 through 31, 2015. All of the dates are guaranteed to depart on those dates.  And, the providers of this memorable trip are very flexible, as they will create a new trip date with the registration of four or more people.

The price per person is very reasonable. You get all of the great accommodations mentioned above for an unbelievable price starting at just $2,285. And all the memories you make are priceless, ones that you will treasure and hold dear forever.

So, if you enjoy hiking, mountain biking, sea and river whitewater rafting, camping, and just being outdoors in general, you will love the Costa Rica Coast to Coast Trip. This trip is a challenging, adventurous, yet humbling experience that brings you and nature face to face. Challenge your entire being by trekking on this marvelous adventure. Make memories with your friends and family, and make new friends while you are there. Book your trip to the Costa Rica Coast to Coast Trip. Your newest adventure awaits.

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You need to be reasonably fit and have good stamina as the Coast to Coast Trip is a real challenge. Good understanding and experience of mountain biking will make the trip more enjoyable and keep the pace even. Experience of whitewater rafting is not necessary but you will be paddling all the time you are on the raft so fitness and stamina are a must.

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