Where Adventure and Luxury Meet

Published on October 21, 2014 under Atlas News
Where Adventure and Luxury Meet

Luxury travel in Latin America is being redefined. It is becoming evident to the industry that luxury travelers are no longer looking to just go to a typical destination and then go back to the spa for a massage. It’s all about “experiential travel” now. Luxury and adventure travel are being combined into new tours and itineraries. Luxury travelers are mixing in adventure activities during the day and wanting to stay somewhere nice at night.

Active and adventure travel appeared as the most powerful trend across all types of luxury travelers, including families, couples, honeymooners and retirees.

Unique and tailored experiences are in. Well-traveled customers increasingly want to do something they haven’t seen in their social media many times before. They want special access, something that is not openly available to most visitors, guides who are experts and tours and itineraries that tie into the local culture. They want to meet the locals and get “inside” a destination. Travelers care about connectivity, interesting design, local food and unique experiences. The key word here is “unique”. The large, traditional luxury and especially chain hotels are definitely out of style for the new luxury travelers. The smaller one of a kind boutique hotels are in.

Most of the adventure travelers are looking for soft adventure and close encounters with unique flora and wildlife.

Tour companies with local connections and unique itineraries now have a big advantage over those who copied and pasted the standard itineraries.

ATLAS Active Travel Latin America Specialists offers a great variety of destinations and one of a kind adventure travel tours and itineraries in South and Central America providing life-changing experiences that differ from the routine vacation.

Atlas Adventure Travel is an association of 13 independent tour companies in 17 countries in Latin America specializing in adventure travel with local expert guides, unique itineraries and experiences.

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