Best beaches in Peru

Published on June 15, 2015 under Peru
Best beaches in Peru

Peru’s best beaches stretch from the Northern coast to Lima. They have high flow of tourists during the hot months; January, February and March. Coastal cities like Lima enjoy domestic tourists especially during the summer season in South America mostly during the weekends. Peru has lots of water sporting activities like surfing.

Top Beaches

The top beaches in Peru include; Piura, Tumbes, Trujillo and Lima. It is best to visit these cities during the hot weather and enjoy the waves or nice sun rays in the beaches. Punta Sal has been ranked by many people as among the best beaches in Peru. It is close to border of Ecuador and it’s one of the best beach resorts for your holiday in Peru. Tourists enjoy many recreational activities, including surfing, scuba diving, fishing in the deep sea and wind surfing at Punta Sal. The months of December to March are the best for surfing because of the warm weather. Travelling by car from Tumbes to Punta Sal takes only an hour. Punta Sal club hotel offers comfortable accommodation for tourists, an opportunity to enjoy a shore horse ride and a visit to the mangrove swamps and nearby beaches. Two hours flights are available for those coming from Lima because a bus ride takes too many hours.

Mancora is another best beach in Peru and is about half an hour from Punta Sal. Mancora has gained popularity from surfers who love big waves. Waves in this beach normally reach about 6 feet and get this high from December to March. But, there are many surf shops that offer lessons on surfing in big waves. Its main commercial activity is fishing and the town gets lively during the dry season. Inca trail hikers visit this beach often to relax after trekking. Many travelers enjoy strolling along the beaches because of the soft and white sand. Luxurious and classy hotels and hostels are available and this has made it a good choice for many tourists.

Lima beach is beautiful mostly accessible to the people who arrive in Peru with a plane. It is covered by a dense fog called garua in most months of the year. During summer, from December to April the skies become clear, the sun shines brightly and the weather gets hot. The summer is the peak season of the Lima beaches in Peru. Tourists enjoy different settings either rocky or sandy shores. In South of Lima, there are the most vibrant beaches with a lot of nightlife activities and a great population is young people during the summer months. The most toured beaches in Lima Peru are; El Silencio, Senoritas and Caballeros that are joined together.  Restaurants, bars and great spots for surfing are available in these beaches. Since these beaches lie along the Pacific coast, many people enjoy wild sunsets.

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