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World Class Treks

Located at the southern end of South America (it’s shared by Chile and Argentina), Patagonia is a region of dramatic mountain ranges, smoky volcanoes, expansive ice fields, and vast plains known as the Pampas. Here, you’ll find the well-known Torres del Paine National Park as well as world-class trekking routes that will take you through ancient forests, past glaciers and fjords, and along picturesque mountain lakes. Patagonia is also home to incredible wildlife; look for guanacos, flamingos, condors, foxes, and pumas.

Desert Adventure

Northern Chile’s Atacama desert is the driest on earth and features a surreal landscape. Here, you’ll find sand dunes, blue lagoons, deep canyons, salt basins, and incredible rock formations. Well-known landmarks include El Tatio (one of the world’s largest geyser fields), the Atacama salt flat (home to flamingos) and Valle de la Luna, which is known for its incredible desert sunsets. Travelers can explore Atacama’s lunar-like landscape on foot, visit indigenous villages, sandboard down dunes, and hunt for cave paintings.

Island Archeology

The most isolated inhabited isle in the world, Easter Island sits 3,700 kilometers (2,295 miles) off Chile’s Pacific coast. A semi-tropical destination that’s best known for the hundreds of stone figures (called moai) its Rapa Nui populace carved centuries ago, Easter Island also offers a rocky coastline, picturesque beaches, rolling hills, volcanoes, and a crater lake. Much of the island is part of Rapa Nui National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Chile—Diverse Terrain, Epic Adventures

Situated on a long, thin stretch of land that’s nestled between the Andes Mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, Chile is home to an incredibly diverse array of terrain. To the north, you’ll find a desolate landscape of sand dunes, canyons, and flamingo-dotted lagoons. In the Central Valley, you’ll hit the fertile soils of wine country and the cone-shaped volcanoes, hot springs, and azure waterways of the Lake District. Continue south for the glaciers and tall peaks of Patagonia.

Cascada – Locally Owned, Eco-Friendly

Cascada - LogoCascada Expediciones is a Chilean-owned adventure tour operator that creates soft-adventure and bespoke trips throughout Chile (including Patagonia, the Atacama desert, and Easter Island), Argentina, and Bolivia.  Cascada also runs the multi-award-winning EcoCamp Patagonia, a fully sustainable camp/hotel hybrid located inside Torres del Paine National Park. Cascada’s offerings include hiking & trekking, wildlife tracking, horseback riding, biking, kayaking, skiing,  fly fishing, and wine tours. Over the last 27 years, more than 24,000 people visiting Chile have enjoyed Cascada-operated tours

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