Colombia’s best adventure tour

Published on May 21, 2015 under Colombia
Colombia’s best adventure tour

Colombia is a country situated in the northwest of South America. Colombia is among the world’s mega-diverse countries, and Colombia is well thought-out the most bio-diverse per sq km. Located between two oceans, near the Equator line, and crossed by the impressive Andes, Colombia features a great variety of weathers and ecosystems some of them unique in the world. Because of these particular conditions, the country displays five natural regions: The paradisiacal Caribbean coast, the diverse high and low lands of the Andes, The extended savanna of the Orinoco, the Amazonian rain forest, and the humid Pacific Coast… each one with its own identity in nature, art music, food, people and ways of life. This unique tour will take us to the essence of one of the newest and most exciting world destinations.

Colombia Adventure - Chicamocha River

There are lots of activities that you can do during your visit in Colombia, including cultural experiences, nature walks and sightseeing. You could see the best of Colombia’s nature, landscape and culture during the trip. You may get to understand the Colombian Coffee Culture, get to enjoy the variety of nature and ecosystem reserves and get to love and explore the well preserved colonial towns of Colombia. During the trip you can relax and enjoy the view of the rainforests and world class beaches in the Tayrona, you get to be enchanted with the magic of the historical Cartagena; you can also experience the night life of Colombia and enjoy the warm welcome of the people of Colombia.

You can enjoy all day the beaches and the trail in Tayrona and enjoy a walk in the rainforest. In the trip, you can also experience and taste of the fusion and local Colombian dishes. You can also explore the beautiful Chicamocha Gorge, which is known as the South America’s Grand Canyon. You can also follow the legend and the golden trail of El Dorado and be guided with the extremely rated culture and the nature guides.


This trip of 9 days includes soft hikes that are suitable for every of physical condition. The tour also includes land transportation, a nature and culture guide, the accommodation at colonial superior hotels and all the meals. Colombia adventure can arrange everything for you so you can have an unforgettable adventure vacation.

Come and enjoy the beauty of Colombia!

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