Exceptional Adventures in Peru

Published on September 16, 2015 under Peru
Exceptional Adventures in Peru


To an avid traveler, Peru has more adventures than you can cover in a day.  This is a destination that tourists do get to see all there is. Adventures are endless and always entertaining. While it is known as the main starting point for ancient civilizations, it also has a wide range of tourist destinations. From the amazing peaks of Andes Mountains for hikers to the expansive sandy coast, Peru has something for any tourist. It is the home for evergreen tracts of rainforest, with diverse species of fauna and flora.  Forget any other country in the world; Peru has vast wildlife and scenic landscapes to view.

Top adventures in Peru

Amazonas (1)

Touring Lake Titicaca islands

Lake Titicaca welcomes visitors, especially during summer in Peru.  Why is this? First, it has clear sunrise that makes the sapphire-colored water of the lake to look wonderful.  This starts your day to lots of adventures throughout the day.  You can opt to stick around the shoreline of the lake or better still immerse yourself in various water activities. Whichever you choose, the experience will be awesome. As the day ends, view the sunset and as the remaining rays of the sun kiss the surface of the gleaming waters. Then, treat yourself to a peaceful night in one of the islands’ resorts.


Enjoy biodiversity at Amazon basin

Amazon Basin at Peru hosts innumerable species of fauna and flora. Visit Parque Nacional Manu, which conserves vast wildlife. It is situated right at the watershed of Rio Manu. It is one of the tributaries of the Amazon River. Here you will find tapirs, flocks of macaws and ecelots among others.  It is best if you carry your camera with you, since there are wonderful moments and features to capture.

Hike on Andes Mountains

For those who love to hike, a trek on the amazing landscape of Andes will not disappoint.  The mountain features a network of peaks all covered by glistening snow.  Hike all the way up and carry the memories with you back home. If you are not up to the task, you can tour the underlying alpine lakes and make sure you visit the Andean villages. Here you can learn a thing or two about the culture and history of Peru.

Enjoy the sea life

If you love the coast, Islas Ballestas, is worth a visit. From the shore, you will not think that it has anything to offer. However, if you take a boat ride to the rocky landscapes, you will enjoy the wide range of sea life from Penguins, sea lions and colonies of boobies.

Surf at the north coast

At the northern coast, lies the best water for surfing.   The 3000km stretch of a coastline offers amazing opportunities for water activities including surfing.  For best experience, move towards Lima all the way to Languid off shore settlements. Here you can integrate with the locals and have a taste of their seafood.

Let your next destination be Peru and when you are there, be sure to enjoy the above adventures.

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