Foodie adventures in Chile

Published on March 17, 2015 under Chile
Foodie adventures in Chile

When traveling you want to experience everything you can from new places. One experience you cannot miss is trying the local food. Use all your senses to absorb everything surrounding you! Eating at restaurants is great but some of us like to explore the marketplaces in search of fresh ingredients, prepare new dishes and learn from the locals. What better way to savor your stay in Chile than learning from a chef who receives us in his home for an memorable meal?

Immerse yourself in the unique gastronomical culture of Chile. Guided by an expert chef and  sommelier, you will be led through Santiago’s historic, bustling food markets where you will sample a variety of traditional Chilean dishes. This delectable experience will inspire you to experiment with Chilean flavours yourself as you cook in the home of renowned chef, Francisco Klimscha.

The experience starts with us driving downtown to La Vega, a renowned market. After exploring the market and discovering the variety of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, spices and meats, we start picking out ingredients for a menu to be prepared later with our chef-guide. Our chef will select wine to accompany our meal.

We cross over the bridge to the other side of the Mapocho river and head to nearby Mercado Central, a fresh fish market with wonderful architecture. Here we select the final ingredients for our gourmet Chilean meal before driving to the chef’s house.

At the chef’s house we prepare the wonderful meal and learn more about Chilean wines and gastronomy. We enjoy some delicious appetizers and then sit down to the main meal to enjoy the dishes we have prepared.

This is surely a day you will remember for a long time and the best thing about this is that you will be able to recreate some of these dishes to share with friends and family back home!


Chilean-born Francisco Klimscha specialises in both the traditional dishes of his home country, thanks to the teachings of his father, as well as in the field of European Cuisine, thanks to his many years of study and apprenticeship in the prestigious culinary schools of Austria and Switzerland. From experimenting with Chilean ingredients bought at the Mercado Central, to cooking for President Clinton, Francisco is a multi-faceted, experienced chef who is passionate about regional foods and wines, especially those from his native Chile, which he considers to be the best in the world. 

For more information on the Chile Foodie Adventure Tour go to Cascada Expediciones.

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