Fun at the Honduras Farms

Published on September 27, 2015 under Central America
Fun at the Honduras Farms

Honduras is one of the most frequented destinations in Central America. It has stunning beaches, lovely landscapes and diverse wildlife.  It is one of the best holiday destinations around the world. Besides, tourists also treat themselves to a visit in some of the Honduran farms. These are perfect for a family holiday and you can rest assured that everyone will be safe. A farm’s environment is perfect if you want to relax and have fun at the same time.  But, what can you do in a farm? You would be surprised at the fun you can have in the various farms in the country. If you are ready to take an agro-tour and horse riding among other activities, here are some farms you should visit:

Finca El Cisne

Finca El Cisne is not an ordinary farm but rather a scenic attraction. It is a family hancienda located 45-minute drive from Copan Ruinas. It is open to the public but you will need to seek an appointment, so that the owners are able to prepare beforehand for your trip in the farm. Usually, the trip involves a trip through their vast cocoa production farm all through to its processing. There is also a park with evergreen trees and aesthetic shrubs, where you can relax with family. If you are good in horse riding, you will have the opportunity of riding one of the farm’s horses.  A day here, will be well spent and it is a great hideaway from the noise of the city.  It has also been recommended as a family destination. Besides, it can be a perfect place to spend time with your significant other.

Arch’s Iguana and Marine Park

Iguana farm is another of best Honduran farms. It is located at the French Harbor. While it is a scenic site, it also provides a spectacular view of the sea. Here you find numerous iguanas among other creatures of the sea.  It is best if you bring your little ones with you. They will certainly like the company of the peaceful iguanas. Seeing the small animals lying on the compound in large numbers is amazing.  There are also fish species as well as birds to watch.  The park is located on the eastern side of the island, a small distance from the French Harbor.

There is something unique about a farm tour. First, farms are set in areas far away from the challenges of the city life. This makes them the best getaways for families, couples and anyone else who is looking for a tranquil destination.  In addition, a farm offers many opportunities of learning for you and your kids. For instance, at Iguana’s farm, they learn the behaviors of the creatures and the importance of preserving them.  Finca El Cisne also provides vast information on cocoa farming. A farm visit also offers several fun activities such as horse riding, great spots for kids to play and for couples the trees and the shrubs provides a nice platform for them to share a private moment.

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