How we are supporting our communities in Latin America during the Covid pandemic

Published on July 6, 2020 under Atlas News
How we are supporting our communities in Latin America during the Covid pandemic
Supporting and creating healthy bonds with the communities where we operate has always been at the core of ATLAS members values. During we the Covid-19 pandemic these partnerships have grown even stronger.
We would like to introduce you to some of the solidarity initiatives that our companies have created to support local communities in need during the pandemic. We’d also like also invite you to join us in some of these causes, if you are able. Many thanks in advance.
If you’d like to collaborate, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mexico community support:

In many places in Mexico, tourism accounts for more than 80% of jobs, and the economic fallout of the pandemic has had a far-reaching impact on those that depend on tourism to put food on the table. In Puerto Vallarta, home of Journey Mexico’s HQ, news spread of dire need for food amongst the vulnerable. Almost instantly, with the incredible generosity of the travel industry, the tour operator has been able to provide over 84,000 meals. Learn more about Journey Mexico’s initiative here.

Helping families in Brazil:

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Brazil, supporting the local communities has been one of the main purposes at Pure Brasil. The campaign “I Support Morrinho Project”, which was launched in partnership with clients, is reaching an end. But there’s still time to donate and help to keep alive this amazing socio cultural initiative in Rio de Janeiro. Please click here and make your donation or share the link! Pure Brasil’s team has also backed other initiatives from their partners Uakari Lodge, in the Amazon, and Carnaval Experience, in Rio, which are providing personal hygiene items and food to their communities while their tourism activities are suspended.

Feeding Peruvian porters:

Covid-19 hit Peru at the start of the season when porters, muleteers and cooks were looking forward to 9 months work. Amazonas Explorer has created this GOFUNDME page to raise money to cover 200 boxes of emergency food staples. A box containing rice, sugar, cooking oil, tuna, oats and pasta to feed a porter’s family for two weeks, costs just U$ 30 | £25. Please donate what you can or contact to help. Many thanks!

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Ecocamp and the community:

Geodesic dome hotel EcoCamp Patagonia is constantly working with the local community in the Magallanes region, helping to provide new economic opportunities for the families, preserve the local culture and protect the surrounding environment. Together with local individuals, suppliers and organizations, they create a collaborative environment that is inclusive and sustainable. Click here to discover four ways that Ecocamp works with the local community in Patagonia.

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Photo: Ecocamp Patagonia

Food for children in Uruguay:

The Covid crisis soon started to affect the most vulnerable families of some communities in Uruguay. In an effort to support them, Lares Tours has worked hard with other local volunteers, to create AYUDAR!, a nonprofit volunteer group that is working to collect food donations for two community kitchens that provide dinner to more than 300 people – many of which are children. Together, they have already collected and delivered more than 2,250 kilos of food and U$ 2000 that will serve for the same purpose! For more info connect on Facebook or Instagram.

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Photo: Lares Tours

Helping the Chimán people in Bolivia:

The team at Bolivia Milenaria knows that this pandemic has affected everyone. As part of their commitment to supporting the indigenous peoples of Bolivia, for the last four years the company has been working to promote the sustainability of the river turtles in Beni Biological Station Biosphere Reserve and every year they return 7,000 turtles back to the river. The Chimán communities who care for the turtles and their environment are especially vulnerable. Bolivia Milenaria is supporting them by providing PPEs, vitamins and other supplies to help the most vulnerable. They started this campaign in March and packages are sent every fortnight. Should you wish to make a donation, please contact them at

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Photo: Bolivia Milenaria

Giving back to healthcare workers in Nicaragua:

ORO Travel is happy to give back to healthcare workers who have been working tirelessly to conquer the current COVID-19 pandemic by offering a free vacation in Nicaragua to a healthcare worker once the Coronavirus crisis subsides and travel restrictions are relaxed. This action not only supports healthcare workers around the world, but also gives local property owners hope that their tourism businesses will have a future when travel restrictions are lifted. Oro Travel has working with local partners to showcase Nicaragua as more than just a beautiful country but also a destination that supports local people, small businesses and rural communities. Nominate a healthcare worker by clicking here.

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Photos: Oro Travel

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