Kayaking adventures in Ecuador

Published on July 20, 2015 under Ecuador
Kayaking adventures in Ecuador

Ecuador is a perfect destination for kayakers. It hosts a wide array of rivers of warm waters and thick tropical rain forests. This gives multiple options to both the beginners and those experienced in Kayaking. Rafting equipment, food and guides are readily available at Tena, Banos and Quito.  You can book your kayaking tour through Atlas member Ecuador Adventures.

Below are some of the best rivers to Kayak:

Coastal rivers of the pacific

Blanco River, which spans 200km from Quito, is among the most frequented by the Kayakers. The river has several tributaries. Its upper part features grade III to IV routes, which include the rapids of El Sapo canyon. This area is suitable for visiting during the months of February all the way to June. Other areas for kayaking include Mulate grade III, Pilaton IV-V and Caoni II-III.

Quijos River

This is another hot spot for white water adventures.  It is located within a radius of 30km from El Chaco. It features various grades from the technical V to III. If you have the courage, you can go all the way to San Rafael Falls and experience a fall of 145m. During the rainy season from March to September, the river attracts experienced rafters from different parts of the world. If you are new to kayaking, you can tour Quijos River and its tributaries during the dry season, when the water flow is at its minimum.


Here there are IV routes at the canyon passing through Shell to the road bridge at Puyo-Macas. The Patate River is also another area, which is frequented by Kayakers throughout the year. For the experienced rafters, Topo, s grade V route, offers the best experience.  It is actually the deepest creek in Ecuador.

Amazon basin

Ecuador Adventure - Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Aguarico and Puerto Libre rivers accord kayakers II-III rapids. On the south, the Due river provides grade II-IV routes. The best time to tour these rivers is between February and July.  Tena and Napo are also great rivers for Kayaking.

If you are looking forward to a kayaking adventure, let Ecuador be your destination. Its warm waters are ready for everyone, both experienced and beginner kayakers. You will love it.

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