Patagonia Multi Sport Experience

Published on November 18, 2014 under Chile
Patagonia Multi Sport Experience

Experience the very best of Chilean Patagonia on an epic, multi sport adventure, affording you the magnificent natural highlights of Torres del Paine! This adrenaline-pumping adventure features action-packed days of hiking, cycling, kayaking and horse riding. Relaxing evenings at EcoCamp offer the perfect opportunity for epic adventurers to wind down as they enjoy the fantastic food, wine and company of EcoCamp’s community domes, in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. Watch the Epic Patagonia trip video by Nikki and Dusty Green, “Two for the Road” – a married couple originally from a small town in Texas. Join them as they hike, eat & drink, kayak, bike, horseback ride, and sail their way through this majestic land during their Epic Patagonia adventure last season!

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