Places to Visit in French Guiana

Published on September 16, 2015 under French Guiana
Places to Visit in French Guiana

French Guiana is a small republic still characterized by colonial piece of architecture and indelible past history of prison camps. But, even with that look, the country is rich in tourist attractions from varied wildlife to untouched coastlines. It is among the wealthiest areas in South America since it funded by the European Union, as it is the base for satellite launching. Even at that, the locals still hold dear to their cultures. Guiana has remained a popular tourist destination, owing to its amazing attractions such as Atlantic beaches and wildlife.

There many interesting spots to visit and have fun whether as an individual or with your family. Read on to see what you should not miss when visiting this country.

 4 must-visit places in Guyana

City of Cayenne

Cayenne is a city with a blend of three cultures from the Caribbean, Europe and South America. The colonial wrought iron structures still stand strong and you will see them on the along the streets. The city also hosts restaurants serving various cuisines including French, Creole, Chinese and Brazilian among others. When you are outdoors, the urban sprawl in the city shows the effects of urbanization in this part of the world. When you are here make sure, you visit Musee Departemental to learn about the history of the town and shop for local artifacts among other items at the Central Market.

Iles du Salut - French Guiana

Iles du Salut

If you have watched or read the book Papillon, a visit to Iles du Salut will enable you to recount the whole plot of the story. The islands were once the base of a colony but today the buildings and anything on the land has been improved to host tourists. The Royale Island is one of the most frequented. Apart from the local inhabitants, it is also hosts vast wildlife such as macaws, agouti and monkeys. At the gift shop, you can get post cards bearing the “Devil’s Island” tag to send back home.

French Guiana Coastline

Hattes Beach

At the Northwestern region of French Guiana, lies the Hattes Beach. In the waters, the leatherback turtles swim and sometimes they come to the land.  If you want to have a one-on-one experience with the turtles, visit Hattes from the month of April to July.  In the same stretch, there are green turtles and occasionally, hawksbill and Olive Ridley turtles will show up. If you are interested in these small creatures, there is a local museum just before you reach the beach.  Besides viewing turtles, you can engage in various beach activities.

Space Centre

The French government launched their space centre right into the thick jungle of Guyana. The technological centre draws people from all over the world. If you are interested in science, this will be a worthy destination.  However, you will need to know French, since the guides use the language.  While here, you can tour the space museum. It is also possible to find someone who can translate for you so you have no reason not learn from the space centre.

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