The amazing Kaieteur Falls await you in Guyana

Published on June 12, 2015 under Guyana
The amazing Kaieteur Falls await you in Guyana

Kaieteur National Park with the spectacular Kaieteur Falls is Guyana’s wilderness destination number one, and offers true jungle experience for travelers who are ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

What Will You See in the Park?

The rainforest around Kaieteur Falls form a micro-climate where numerous exotic plants such as eye-catching orchids and a great diversity of animals such as brilliantly colored frogs and butterflies can easily be observed in natural conditions.


This park has the highest falls in the world, 741 feet and are higher than Niagara Falls, five times. These are breathtaking to watch. You can actually stand at the top of the falls and gaze over the precipice.

The waterfalls during the peak season, per second the flow is about 30,000 gallons which is very thrilling to watch. Great memories are made out these falls and many visitors always look forward to paying another visit to the park.

It is a great place to take a nature walk especially from the air strip to the falls. It is a very refreshing natural walk as you pass through the dense rainforest, brooks and boulders.

Kaieteur falls1

Photo by Ian Mackenzie


Unique bird species

You will get a chance to view the most spectacular bird in the world. This Cock-of-the-Rock is almost the size of a pigeon and has bright orange plumage. It is a very valuable bird because its skin and feathers are used for decoration. It is a rare species and highly protected from poachers. This bird is wise and solitary; it feeds very early in the morning before the sun rises up and in the evening after sunset. During the day, it hides in the foliage and forest jungle and therefore a tourist will be quite lucky to spot this treasured bird. Tourists will also view the gorgeous golden frog that hides deep in the water.

How to get there

Tourists can take a flight tour of Kaieteur which is very enjoyable and gives a magnificent view of parts of Guyana that are not visible from the ground.

Tourists can also take a road trip and enjoy the diversity of the people and beautiful scenery and visit several towns and cities around Kaieteur national park. Seasons of great weather allow tourists to visit open air markets, light houses in Guyana and open air museums. Kaieteur has churches and places of worship that people can visit and experience Guyana’s religious culture.

A feel of Guyana’s culture and food crowns the trip. The staple food in Guyana is cassava and plantains which are very healthy and natural foods. There local dishes are roti, chow mein and curry and a tasty cuisine for tourists to explore.

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