Top Things To Do In Honduras

Published on April 7, 2015 under Central America
Top Things To Do In Honduras

With a Pacific and Caribbean coastline dotted with exotic beaches and coral reefs; natural tourist attractions like the Bay Islands, relics of the Mayan civilization like the Copan ruins and numerous natural parks, Honduras offers enough to make your trip more of a thrilling adventure.

For those who are on the lookout for outdoor adventures, we have compiled a list of activities you can embark on while in Honduras which are sure to sate your hunger for adventure:

  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: The Honduran Caribbean coastline which contains part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (the second longest reef in the world) has a rich supply of underwater life like dolphins, rays, octopuses, eels, sea turtles, whale sharks and a wide variety of fish. Add to this The Bay Islands, and you have a couple of the world’s best spots for scuba diving. Even for individuals who for some reasons are averse to deep diving, there are still endless possibilities for a snorkeling experience that will rival the best you can get anywhere in the world.
  • Tour the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve: This forest reserve; which is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the largest tropical forest in Central-South America. This reserve is definitely a must-see for nature lovers as it has a wide variety of flora and fauna that are sure to make a trekking expedition through its lush vegetation and foot paths one to remember for a long time.
  • Visit the Mayan Ruins (Copan Ruinas): Located in western Honduras; near the border with Guatemala, the Copan Ruinas contains some of the best preserved relics of the ancient Mayan civilization. This is a great place to visit for history lovers. The Las Sepulturas, the Chichen Itza, and countless intricately crafted hieroglyphs are surely a beauty to behold for people who are interested in pre-Columbian art and history. Surrounded by a beautiful mountain town with stone cobbled streets, this is also an ideal place for bird watching and horse riding.
  • Go White-water Rafting: The fast-flowing Cangrejal River; which flows through the steep landscape of the Pico Bonito National Park is filled with countless rapids and waterfalls. This makes the river one of Central America’s best white-water rafting routes. For adventurers who cherish the challenges of white-water rafting, this is an ideal spot to engage in that activity.
  • Go Canopy Touring: With large expanses of dense, virgin tropical forest reserves, Honduras offers endless possibilities for canopy touring. This thrilling activity whereby you ‘fly’ over the canopy of a forest gives you the opportunity to get a spectacular aerial view of the top of a forest. Some of the country’s favorite spots for canopy touring are the jungles of Roatan Island, Copan and Sambo Creek.

The above list of activities is by no means exhaustive as there are countless adventurous expeditions you can embark on while in Honduras. Needless to say, Honduras is endowed with enough natural tourist attractions to make it delight to visit.

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