Trek to the clouds in Argentina

Published on August 4, 2015 under Argentina
Trek to the clouds in Argentina

Live this amazing experience in the North-West region of Argentina. Walking in the mountains through the ancient Inca trail, this journey will take you to discover ruins, spectacular views and landscapes. Enjoy warm moments with local inhabitants sharing dinners and campfire in camping sites.

Treking to the Clouds - Argentina

Break on through the clouds and join this adventure! The Trekking to the Clouds.

This journey takes place quite near the city of Salta, in the North-West region of Argentina. That portion of the country more than 500 years ago used to be the southernmost part of the Inca empire, therefore the origin of remaining ruins and path. It is worth of mentioning that this product comes to life after the partnership of three Salta based companies: Argentina Trails, Socompa Puna Adventure and ourselves, Kallpa Tour Operator.

Trekking to the Clouds - Argentina

This trekking starts by taking a regular bus towards Ingeniero Maury station of the world famous Train to the Clouds, and ends four days later in Quebrada de San Lorenzo, right next to the city of Salta. The full itinerary takes us along an old Inca trail amid landscapes of great contrasts. The first part of the tour takes place in a dry and arid climate. During the final part we´ll enter the rainforests of Salta’ Yunga.

Trekking to the Clouds - Argentina (2)

Along the route we will be in contact with nature and the culture of a particular area of Salta. Starting at the Quebrada del Toro, our first ascent will be surrounded by cardones(giant cactus) and will reveal the snowy peaks of Cerro San Miguel and Acay.

The trail leads to visit ruins of what one was the southern part of the Inca empire in the archaeological site of “Sillon del Inca” (Inca Sofa). We continue the trip by visiting the local inhabitants of the area, who work their fields and breed their livestock over 3,000 meters high. Camping sites and dinners will be the time to share moments  with the group and sometimes with local inhabitants when we camp near their homes at night.

Trekking to the Clouds2 - Argentina

It is worth mentioning the quality of the meals being included and the organization of camping sites. We want to walk together on the mountain, but then enjoy comfortable camps. Therefore we strive to provide quality service in both the variety and choice of menus, snacks, breakfasts and food offered. Also by the equipment that we provide in the camps. No eating on the floor or inside the tents. Our camps include a dining tent, tables, benches, cutlery and tableware. And a glass of wine each night to foster fellowship and relaxation in the mountains.

Trekking to the Clouds - Argentina (4)

Trekking to the Clouds4 - Argentina (2)

Trekking to the Clouds and Express Version

The regular version is a 4 day / 3 night program. But there is also available a shorter version, the Trekking to the Clouds Express. This version is offered with one day less of activity. Share with the main group the first two days of the circuit and then takes a side trail upon arrival to Astilleros river. After a connection walk of about 4 kilometers, a  transfer out in 4×4 vehicle to the city of Salta it is provided. This version of the route reaches the western border of the Yunga forest.

Trekking to the Clouds4 - Argentina

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