Uruguay Coasts and Vineyards Bike Tour

Published on November 28, 2015 under South America
Uruguay Coasts and Vineyards Bike Tour

Our Uruguay Coasts and Vineyards Bike Tour offers you the opportunity to cycle not only through lush vineyards but also along the enchanting clear riverfront beaches. Walk through the Museo Taller de Casapueblo and get to appreciate the artistic genius of Carlos paez Vilaro.   Wind down and discover the hidden treasure that is the Punta Del Este, an iconic beach resort town that has a lot to offer for visitors.

DAY ONE: Welcome to Uruguay!

You will be received by our courteous and pleasant guides at the Buquebus Ferry Boat terminal before being taken to the elegant Carmelo Resort and Spa at Hyatt Hotel. The afternoon involves bike fitting and safety talks followed by a relaxing cycling session around the golf course. You also have the option of acclimatizing by chilling at the hotel before pre-dinner fun activities such as traditional mate tasting.

DAY TWO: Carmelo Wineries

You will enjoy the cycle to Carmelo and Playa Cere, after which you will head to the boutique winery. Here you will be taken through the vineyard and the wine-production process before satisfying your taste buds with a wine-tasting session. After enjoying the exquisite Uruguayan tannat; you will be served with a sumptuous meal. After this, you will ride to the Finca Narbona- the national heritage monument that also doubles up as a winery boutique.

  DAY THREE: Carmelo/ Colonial Del Sacramento

You get transferred to the exquisite country side and get to enjoy the scenery as you cycle to the Colonia Del Sacramento, a historical relic. You will be taken to a trip through time as the local historian explains the city’s history before taking lunch at the La Florida Restaurant before being checked into the Charco Hotel for the night.

DAY FOUR: Loop Ride around the Juanico Vineyard

A champagne toast will follow a bike tour around the winery’s serene lake. This is followed by other wine-tasting sessions before lunch. After this, you will be transferred to the Las Cumbres hotel that is located in the lovely town of Punta Del Este.

DAY FIVE: Punta Del Este and Jose Ignacio

You will get to visit the Museo Taller de Casapueblo where you will get to view all the masterpieces of the widely acclaimed Carlos Paez Vilaro. You will later get to taste the delicious local meals before spending the night at the Bahia Vik Hotel.


You will be transferred to the village of Garson that was established by Fermin de Leon. Enjoy cooking classes here before heading to an olive plant and later heading to the hotel where you will spend the night.


You will be transferred by the guides to the Punta del Este airport y the guides after taking your breakfast.

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